G.W. Bush Issues Official Warning Of Presidential Corruption The Trumps Have Embraced (Read the Letter Here)

Donald Trump’s conflicts of interests are massive, so much so that George H. W. Bush w0uld disagree with Trump’s recent pursuits.

What we’re saying here is that the swamp Trump says he will drain, has been filled with terrifying creatures ever since he defeated Hillary Clinton. In 1998, former president George H.W. Bush warned against Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Isn’t it odd to see how some can prophesize the future?

Quartz reports:

A 1988 letter (pdf) from Bush Sr. warns his son, who would later serve two terms himself, against the appearance of wielding family influence. The New York Times wrote about the letter in 2015, and reporter Eric Lipton tweeted it out again today.

And it goes like this. George W. Bush wrote that new “friends” may pop up as his presidential candidacy ramped up, and that these friends—genuine or otherwise—may ask for favors. He implored his son: Do not make calls for them.

You can’t make this stuff up. We have been warned against what Trump is doing right now.

If there is a legitimate inquiry, call my office. It is certainly appropriate to contact your own government, but let’s do it through my office so no one can accuse any of the family of trying to use influence.

Bush adds, “Every effort will be made to find some phone call, some inquiry, some letter that can be made to appear improper.”

(our emphasis because Jesus Christ)

When George Bush was running for president the first time he issued this letter dated May 8, and George W., then 41, was working on his father’s campaign. The father, Bush Sr. sent the same memo to his siblings and to his other children.

And here it is.:

And recently, Trump has said that he will conduct a “blind trust” to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. But that’s all changed now.

He more recently said that he is exploring a “half blind” trust, which means, it’s not blind at all.

That swamp is filled up at the moment. That moment happened just after Donald Trump won the electoral vote. Holla!