Kellyanne Conway Gets Called Out by Anderson Cooper on a HUGE LIE! – Her Reaction Is Priceless (Video)

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Donald Trump regularly sends out his team of surrogates to media outlets to defend his indefensible words and actions. He usually saves his best and quickest surrogate Kellyanne Conway for the toughest room, which is Anderson Cooper’s studio at CNN.

Kellyanne has repeatedly learned the hard way what it’s like to slip fabrications past Anderson, who just called her out once again.

Donald Trump has recently issued flat denials that Russia influenced the outcome in his favor, and Kellyanne Conway appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to somehow try to convince Cooper and his television audience that what Trump is saying has any merit.

Trump and his team have been aggressively trying to spin the Russian hacking story as just a desperate attempt by Hillary Clinton to draw attention away from her failures as a candidate.

Tweeted Trump, “Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card. It would be called conspiracy theory!”

Anderson pressed Kellyanne whether or not Trump is willing to defend the United States against cyberterrorism. Answered Conway, “Absolutely.

Yes he does, and he wants to get to the bottom of all cyberterrorism, not just what is politicized at the moment. Anderson, this smells like politics.”

Then Anderson asked Kellyanne if Trump thinks that the CIA is lying because they are “in some way opposed to Donald Trump as president or, in some way, trying to influence things now? It sounds like you’re saying they’re trying to politicize intelligence.”

Responded Kellyanne, having been cornered, “I would never paint with such a broad brush to implicate the CIA.”

“We have faith in the intelligence community. Donald was asked that question squarely this weekend, “Do you have faith in the intelligence community?” and he turned around said, “I do.”

How much do you love Anderson Cooper?

Watch below: