Clueless Trump Supporter Humiliated, Laughed Out Of CNN News Studio

It can’t be easy working as one of Donald Trump’s surrogates. To do so requires the ability to deny reality to the extent that is both dangerous and laughable. Most of the time, studio crew members are able to maintain a level of professionalism in the face of Trump’s absurd supporters, but, apparently, CNN’s crew [...]

BREAKING: Colin Powell Makes Shocking Endorsement, Trump Stunned

Colin Powell, Republican and former secretary of state under George W. Bush announced on Tuesday that he will be voting for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in this November’s election. Powell told a group of local business leaders that Sec. Clinton “will serve with distinction” and cited her experience and stamina. Hacked emails from the [...]

Trump Inspires Terrorist Bombing Attack on American Mosque and Apt Building in This State…

A plot uncovered by authorities has led detectives directly to Donald Trump’s failing presidential campaign. Three men were arrested after it was discovered that they planned to blow up a mosque in Garden City the day after the election. Some of the men have now been confirmed to be a supporter of Republican nominee, Donald Trump. [...]

Why Latina magazine broke a 20-year tradition and endorsed their first presidential candidate ever.

Never before in the 20-year history of Latina has the magazine endorsed a candidate—until today. But as the magazine noted, this is not an ordinary election. So, Latina broke tradition, joining forces with leaders in media and business, artists, and influencers to send a strong message—that we stand together to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. [...]

Biden: Trump comments ‘textbook’ sexual assault

Vice President Biden slams Donald Trump Vice President Biden slams Donald Trump in a new interview for lewd comments the Republican presidential nominee has made about women, saying the remarks showed Trump advocating sexual assault. "What he said is a textbook definition of sexual assault," Biden said in the interview airing Sunday on NBC's "Meet [...]

JUST IN: Clinton Campaign Releases Devastating New Anti-Trump Attack Ad, Donald FLIPS

A new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign hit the internet on Sunday, drawing attention to the close relationship between conspiracy theory nut job Alex Jones and alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Alex Jones, right-wing radio host and founder, is a big fan of the Trumpster Fire. In return, [...]