Kellyanne Conway Gets Called Out by Anderson Cooper on a HUGE LIE! – Her...

Anderson Cooper crucifies Kellyanne Conway for lying about Russia, and her reaction is priceless!

BREAKING: Trump Condemns Obama, Threatens Entire World In INSANE Twitter Rant, Here’s Why

He is going to bring down America if he does this...

The Case for Donald Trump’s Impeachability

A report from the Brookings Institute lays out a clear, coherent case for why Donald J. Trump will soon be in violation of the Constitution.

Thanks Obama! Manufacturing Jobs Hits Decade High.

Republicans say the Democrats ignored manufacturing jobs, but the numbers don't lie!

Oracle CEO Joins Trump’s Team – Senior Exec Writed EPIC Anti-Trump Resignation Letter! (Must-Read)

This guy has real conviction! The kind Trump and his Swamp Turds NEVER WILL!!