Trump’s Campaign Chief Just Slipped And Admitted Trump Assaulted Women, He’s Livid, She’s Done

Nobody is a bigger martyr during this election cycle than Republican nominee Donald Trump’s current campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. The public relations guru has been put through the most unforgiving gauntlet of her career.

Conway has been acting as Trump’s go-to spokesperson. In this thankless role, she has had to bend over backwards to try to turn Trump’s xenophobic, racist, misogynistic verbal spew into something at least borderline tolerable for the ears of swing voters.

It’s not surprising, then, that eventually she would slip and actually say the truth about her boss and his truly disgusting track record of sexually assaulting women, especially those over whom he could assert professional power. Said Conway in an attempted defense of Trump vis a vis the Clintons, Trump “made it clear that he came ready to say some rough things if [Clinton] was going to challenge him about his abuse — about his record on women.” Ouch! She said “his abuse.” Do you think Kellyanne Conway has the worst job in America right now? Watch below: