BREAKING: Keith Olbermann Tells Trump-Voting Fools To Say Goodbye To Their Social Security, Here’s Why…

Keith Olbermann did not mince words. The end of Social Security is near because of Donald Trump.

Trump supporters are living in a fantasy land if they really believe Trump and the Republican Congress are going to protect Social Security.

For decades, Social Security has been a lifeline for the elderly during hard times. During the Great Recession in 2008, Social Security kept people over the age of 65 afloat as millions of Americans took hits that drained their bank accounts or left them homeless.

For senior citizens, Social Security did exactly what is was meant to do, prevent them from ending up in poverty.

Every American in this country pays into Social Security so that they can benefit from the program one day.

But Republicans are already planning on gutting Social Security in 2017 with a bill known as the Social Security Reform Act of 2016.

The bill will raise the retirement age, which means American workers will have to work longer and harder before they can stop and draw the Social Security they worked so hard for. And it won’t even be worth it because the bill also slashes benefits by 35 percent and will be cut by 50 percent for younger workers. In short, Americans will get less but have to work more.

And Republicans are hoping to pass this bill handily without anyone noticing. Not only are they banking on Trump serving as a distraction, they are betting that he’ll sign whatever they put in front of his face.

“The banana Republicans are going on a stealth offensive,” Olbermann began. “They have to reveal themselves sooner or later, if only to signal to corporations who own them that, yes, the fix is in and ownership will be getting what they prostituted the government for.”

Olbermann explained that chief actuary of the Social Security Administration Stephen C. Goss sent a letter to bill sponsor Rep. Sam Johnson warning him that his so-called “reform” plan will actually harm Social Security and hurt the millions of Americans who use it.

“Paul Ryan and all the other corporate whores intend to plunge the knife into the back of Social Security, and especially those hard working fools of Middle America who actually believed the net impact of a Donald Trump presidency would be more money for them and not poverty in their old age,” Olbermann continued. “Social Security would be gutted.”

Less money would be flowing into Social Security and Americans would see massive cuts, some of which would begin as early as December 2018. So millions of Americans will take a major hit two years from now, and right around the Christmas season to add insult to injury.

And Olbermann added that Trump supporters will be too busy fawning over their new hero to notice that they are being swindled.

“They will be watching whatever Trump is doing at the moment — at some point likely to be his version of Daffy Duck drinking a gallon of gasoline and a bottle of nitroglycerin, a pile of gunpowder and a glass of uranium-238 and then lighting a match — and in the background, the Republican House and Republican Senate now full of the subsidiaries of the corporations who were able to buy this country after Citizens United, they will destroy Social Security so the rich can get even richer by stealing a billion dollars one dollar at a time. Our part-time president will take a quick look away from his Twitter feed to sign exactly where they tell him to sign.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Republicans are prepared to launch an all-out assault on not only Social Security but on Medicare and Medicaid as well. So senior citizens and every American who manages to survive to old age after Republicans destroy everything, will not have Social Security or healthcare. This is what Republicans mean when they say they will “take care of” the middle class. The reality is that Republicans are selfish and they only care about the wealthy. The time for peaceful protests is over. If we want to keep the programs we have all worked hard to earn and stop the greedy from stealing them from us, the time for open revolt is now.